Mega Moolah

You will always be tempted to get stuck into playing progressive casino games when you see just how high some of the progressive jackpots have grown to on those types of games, and there are plenty of different online casinos sites who have that category of casino games on offer to their players.

However, one thing we would like to draw your attention to the Luxury Casino if you do fancy trying your chances playing any type of progressive casino game online, is that not all casinos are going to be paying you out all of your progressive jackpot wins in one single payment!

Some casinos have been known to impose maximum withdrawal amounts on their winning players, and as such if you do win one of those mega sized jackpots then you could very easily be waiting for years until the casino finally stops drip feeding you your mega moolah jackpot payout!

Mega Moolah Slot

With that in mind however we are very happy to let you know that by making the wise decision of playing at any Microgaming software powered online or mobile casino site, if you are ever very lucky and manage to win any of the progressive jackpots that are attached to any of their games, then you will be paid out those winnings in one single payment, and will never be drip fed your winnings over weeks, months or even years!

To help you get a much better understanding of just what type of casino games that you are going to be able to play at a Microgaming powered casino site, we have listed all of the different types of real money casino games which come with some form of progressive jackpot below for you.

Be aware that some of the slot games mentioned below may also offer you the chance of winning more than one progressive jackpot, and as such they are certainly worth tracking down and playing, as you will always then have more chance of winning a progressive jackpot when playing those slot games online!

Progressive Blackjack - Progressive Blackjack has always been a very popular game to play online, and the way in which you can win the progressive jackpot on most of those types of games is by you being dealt out a certain winning hand combination only.

Most progressive blackjack games will also force you to place some form of bonus bet side bet ager for you to have the chance of winning the very growing and often very large progressive jackpot so make sure you place that side bet!

Progressive Roulette - There are not many progressive roulette games which you can play online, however Microgaming do have quite a fun version on offer.

Casino Jackpot

However, each time you play that game you are forced to pay a 1.00 side bet in addition to all other bets you have chosen to place, and the way in which you have the chance of winning the progressive jackpot is when the same number had spun in several times on the trot, a range of additional bonus payouts can also be awarded to you too.

Progressive Casino Poker Games - You will find a new range of casino poker card games which all have some form of progressive jackpot attached to them and as such that will see you having the chance of winning those large jackpots, however be aware then you play those types of casino poker game you often need to pay a side bet to activate the jackpot payout!

Standard Progressive Slot - The more standard type of slots games are going to require you to put into play a certain payline or staking structure for you to have any chance of winning a progressive jackpot. That will either see you having to play all of the pay lines on offer on those types of progressive slot game of you will have to play them with maximum coins in play.

The best way to tell how any slot game has been designed is to look at the help files attached t those progressives slot games or click on the pay table button and inspect the pay table of those slot games. Just make sure you play them in the right way to ensure you always have a chance of winning the progressive jackpots attached to them on each spin you choose to play off!

Multiple Progressive Jackpot Slots - There are some games which now will offer you the chance of not only winning one single progressive jackpot but up to four of them, and those games are known as the Mega Moolah series of slots which are found in all Microgaming powered casinos sites.

The best part of playing those particular slot games is that it is a bonus game which is a wheel spinning game that will be guaranteed of awarding you one of those jackpots when triggered and those special bonus games are awarded at random no matter at what stake you play the mega Moolah series of slot game for, so any one can win any four of those progressive jackpots even penny slot players!

Progressive Video Poker Games - You will find the two most played video poker games which both of them offer progressive jackpots are Microgaming’s Supajax video poker game and also their Jackpot Deuces video poker game.

Just be aware that if you play either of those type games that the stake options are not adjustable and the coin values are all fixed at 1.00 and to have any possible chance what so ever of winning the progressive jackpots you will need to play five coins per hand, so make sure that is something you always do when playing ether of those two progressive video poker games online!

Please do be aware that if you choose to play Microgaming progressive games online at any of our feature online casino sites then you are only going to be able to play them in a real money mode as they are not available as free play casino games!